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Strapping Tapes

The Strapping Tools and Equipment to Finish Off your Packaging

Pallet strapping is no joke -- now that you've properly packaged your products, you need the right strapping kit to put the finishing touches on your work! Our pallet strapping kit is low cost, high quality, tough, resilient and available for next day delivery if you have to ship something urgently. 

Of course, we have a broad range of strapping tools for you to choose from, depending on your specific requirements. From Polypropylene strapping and strapping tape to heavy-duty bands, buckles and sealers, you'll find that our pallet strapping varies widely in strengths, sizes, lengths, weights and colours. All of our strapping equipment is strong and reliable enough to offer you complete peace of mind as to the security of your packaging and we drive a great deal of repeat business from customers who are highly satisfied with our economical pallet strapping.

Browse our strapping kit now and start fastening and securing your goods for less fuss, less hassle and less money!

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Polypropylene Machine Strapping
Polypropylene Machine Strapping From £29.10 Per Item
Strapping Starter Kit
Strapping Starter Kit From £169.99 Per Kit
Packaging Ancillaries Vynaband
Packaging Ancillaries Vynaband From £27.83 Per Item
Polypropylene Hand Strapping
Polypropylene Hand Strapping From £18.40 Per Item
12mm Polyprop Combination Tool
12mm Polyprop Combination Tool From £72.98 Each
Strapping Mobile Trolley
Strapping Mobile Trolley From £64.99 Price Per Item
Ancillaries Coil Holders
Ancillaries Coil Holders From £28.00 Each
Metal Seals, Heavy Duty
Metal Seals, Heavy Duty From £18.69 Per Box
Standard Semi Open Seals
Standard Semi Open Seals From £13.10 Per Box
Serrated Metal Seals
Serrated Metal Seals From £20.30 Per Box
Packaging Ancillaries Plastic Buckles
Packaging Ancillaries Plastic Buckles From £10.82 Per Box
Packaging Ancillaries Phosphated Buckles
Packaging Ancillaries Phosphated Buckles From £17.60 Per Box
'Eco' Band & Buckle Kits
'Eco' Band & Buckle Kits From £16.40 Per Pack
'Evertight' Band & Buckle Kit
'Evertight' Band & Buckle Kit From £33.30 Per Box
Taiwanese Sealer for PP
Taiwanese Sealer for PP From £39.99 Per Item
Taiwanese Tensioner for PP
Taiwanese Tensioner for PP From £48.00 Per Item
British Sealer for PP
British Sealer for PP From £59.99 Per Item
British Tensioner - PP & PET
British Tensioner - PP & PET From £81.90 Per Item
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